A Taste of Home
by Kentastic Cakes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  The Taste of Home page refers to students living away from home.  Is this meant only for students?

A.  Absolutely NOT.  A Taste of Home Cake Crate is the perfect gift for anyone.  However, our initial focus was on students and other children not living at home anymore.

Q.  Will my subscription renew automatically at the end of the term?

A.  No.  While we of course hope you will continue with A Taste of Home by reordering at the end of the term, we do not feel it's appropriate to force you to do so by automatically renewing.   We prefer you stick with us because you love what we offer.  Not because you "forgot" to cancel.

Q.  Is my credit card information stored for easy reordering?

A.  Not at this time.  We hope to have this capability in the future.  However, for now if you'd like to reorder, you will need to start from scratch (no pun intended).  Also, we do not share any of your information with anyone, unless required by law.

Q,  The shipping address has changed during the term of the subscription.  Can I change where you send the package.

A.  Absolutely.  Please e-mail us at [email protected] and reference your Order# along with the new address and we will make sure it gets changed.  The change MUST be made by the 10th of the month to ensure we have time to make the change before the package gets shipped.

Q.  Do you offer Gluten Free and Nut Free options?
A. At this time, we are not accommodate Gluten Free or Nut Free options, due to our kitchen using both on a daily basis and we cannot guarantee protection from cross contamination.  We hope, as we grow we will be able to accommodate both concerns.  Please check back.

Any other questions?  Please e-mail [email protected] or use the Contact Page on this site.

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